Glass Worktops

(available at select showrooms only)

Our glass worktops are produced using Low Iron Glass, this gives a crystal clear appearance rather than having a green edge that normal float glass produces. Any paint that is then applied will not be distorted in colour by the slight green tint found in normal glass. The glass is toughened as standard.

Generally glass worktops would be produced using 19mm thick glass, other thickness are available including 10, 12, 15mm, these would normally be used for smaller vanity unit worktops, or breakfast bars. The edge detail on all worktops is a flat polished edge. Most shapes can also be cut including circles, radius ends. The size is also limited on some occasions by access and weight.

All worktops can be produced with CNC cut outs for hobs, sinks, they can also incorporate drainage grooves, or be drilled for tap holes, all these need to be done before the toughening process, once toughened no further work or alteration can be made. Using a two part resin based spray paint worktops can be finished in a vast range of colours and finishes.


  • Do they scratch? – The honest answer is yes they can be scratched if not treated with some respect however most surfaces can. Providing protection is used when chopping food, or putting hot heavy pans down there should not be any issue. A non abrasive cloth should always be used, for best results a professional glass cleaner liquid and a lint free cloth should be used.
  • Can scratches be removed? – Deep scratches can not, hairline ones can be using a professional buffing machine.
  • Can they break? – Yes if hit extremely hard on the edge, being 19mm thick and toughened this impact would require considerable force, if this were to happen they would break in a safe manner, shattering into thousands of safe pieces.