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your kitchen worktopsWe want to hear about your kitchen worktops, no matter where you got them from or who fitted them… we just want to hear your story. Have you got kitchen worktops decades old, or were your worktops fitted yesterday??? What we are interested in is seeing the variety of kitchen worktops out in the world, from the wild and wacky to sleek and stylish… send your photo in today and we will list it below for all to see.

It’s pretty easy… just upload your photo, enter your name, where you live, worktop supplier, rough age of your worktop and we will add it to the list (after being moderated of course and may take a few days to appear).

Maybe seeing other peoples worktops will give you inspiration for your own… maybe you love your worktops, maybe you hate them… no matter what… it’s good to share!

Please Note…

Please don’t upload anything “unsavory” as a real human is moderating this page and anything dodgy will be deleted on sight… so you’ll just be wasting your time.

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Your Name      – Mr J Hutchinson
Your Location – Portsmouth
Supplier/Fitter – Dream Doors Waterlooville
Worktop Age   – 4 Years Old


Your Name      – Mrs D Harrison
Your Location – Manchester
Supplier/Fitter – Council
Worktop Age   – 10+ Years Old


Your Name      – Mrs T Platt
Your Location – Truro
Supplier/Fitter – AM Kitchen Design
Worktop Age   – 22 Years Old

Don’t be scared… send in your photos and info today and it will magically appear here soon!!!